The Magic of the Golden Hour

in cahoots with muddy boots

Early evening, before sunset, the light often turns brilliantly golden, shadows grow longer and then, ever so slowly the light takes on a magical glow.

No matter where in the world you are, take the time to sit and watch this magic happen.

Golden Hour at home Golden Hour at home

Magic hour after the rain Magic hour after the rain

Magic hour at the beach Magic hour at the beach

Golden hour in the fall Golden hour in the fall

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Crazy for Coleus: My Growing Collection of Mayana Varieties

Batangas Home Gardening Adventures

Currently, I have eight varieties of coleus. This plant is easy to grow and propagate, not to mention, interestingly available in numerous varieties.

The first coleus that I had was this common red variety, which I think is what most locals identify as Mayana. This variety’s leaves have lovely maroon color with yellow-green edges. I planted it a long time ago; I can’t remember where I got it or whom it was from.


My second variety was almost identical to my first variety. However, its leaves are darker. The foliage is almost red-violet and the yellowish edge design varies from pale to almost unnoticeable. This one was from a small cutting I got from my cousin.


Placing the two varieties side by side lets you see the difference:


The third one used to be my favorite because it was so different from the mayanas that I used to see in…

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My Love for Uniquely Interesting Foliage (Part 1)

Batangas Home Gardening Adventures

As a green thumb, I am interested in almost every single type of plants, but if you would ask me which type I adore the most, I would say those plants with interesting foliage. I’m not particularly fond of flowering plants (though I have plenty of them) because I think their beauty is only seasonal. If you go for plants with colorful and uniquely shaped leaves, you get to enjoy their beauty all year round. Of course, their seasonal blooms are a bonus.

Some of the plants that I love for their interesting leaves are coleus (Mayana), Ti plants, croton (which I guess is locally called San Francisco, not sure about this), and other plants which names I don’t really know.

Here are some of my plants whose leaves could be as beautiful and charming as the loveliest flowers there are. Help me identify some of them.



I always…

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