R~emember E~veryone D~eployed… Until they ALL come home!

A lot of Memorials taking place these last days. Remembering those who did not make it home. So we reflect and remember.
I have served in three armies. With some of the highest decorated veterans, who fought in Vietnam.
Their lament was always, that, “Every war we have fought since Korea, have been a kind of betrayal”. 
To them the over 58000 men that perished or died there, gave their lives for nothing.
“Victory has not been in many politicians lexicon for a long time”. So they said. 


If you are thinking of joining the military – which is a very noble institution, I actually loved being part of – don’t do it unless you don’t mind being a tool in some politians tool box. Do it for the great comrades and copatriots you encounter. Do it for the fun and challenges. Do it for yourself. Either you like it or not, then it is a trade. So do it well! 🙂


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