Firsthand Food Poisoning Survival Advice

Vegan In India

Welcome to my tips on treating what I fondly call “the poos”. Having lived through food poisoning in Asia a half dozen times, I can confidently tell all those living in fear of illness prone countries not to sweat it! It isn’t nearly as dramatic as you’re imagining. If you’re a half decent traveler, it’s inevitable you will experience symptoms. But when you look back on your vacation, these will not be what you remember. A tummy bug is merely an initiation process of a true globetrotter.

In India food poisoning is usually from dirty hands handling your food, including your own. This is your run of the mill, easy to treat bacteria. If you pat a dog then eat a sandwich, what do you expect? But there’s also the chance of picking up something more sinister, like a water borne parasite. This is why we brush teeth with bottled water and…

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