Raanu and the roses

Elisabeth Khan's Blog

Winter nights might get cold in Bhopal, but that doesn’t stop the roses from blooming. There were roses everywhere when we arrived in December, except in our own little front yard whose four rosebushes had just been deadheaded and were not ready to produce fresh blooms on demand. One of them flowered feebly soon after my husband left, and I sent him a picture of “his” rose. On the other three bushes, not a single bud appeared. They all looked like they could use some fertilizer.


I tried to be patient. I asked the colony’s gardener to bring me some potting soil and planted the lettuce and herb seeds I had brought from Michigan. There’s happiness to be found in growing plants from seed, but it does take time. Raanu observed this process with great interest. Once the seeds had sprouted, I asked Vijay to carry several of the pots…

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