The Himalayan God!

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Days went by and when the good old Gods wanted to spread the concept of Hinduism throughout India, the famous god Shiva took pity on South India and decided to send his son Murugan (aka Karthikeyan) for a trip to Tamilnadu. Murugan went on become a famous God of Tamilnadu (also the God for Tamil language) then on and his father decided to be the great god of the North! A story which I have heard over and over for ages and somehow never doubted it!

Recently, I was reading a report on the India based Neutrino Observatory that they are setting up in Tamilnadu and I was surprised that the primary reason for choosing this place was because that the rocks in this region are so age-old and mature when compared to that of the young rocks of the Himalayas!!

We all are any ways aware that the Himalayas…

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