“Turkey: A Gardener’s Delight” (Telegraph UK)

Retire Turkey

turkeypolars_3214520b“Turkey: A Gardener’s Delight”

By Mary Keen, 02 Mar 2015

Going to Turkey for the first time, I had hoped for almond blossom and tazetta narcissi. But this was a coach tour of ancient sites, several a day in Lycia (on the Mediterranean coast). Do gardeners ever go away without searching for how others grow things? It was too early in the year, nor was it meant to be a garden tour, but I could not help half hoping for a sight of snowdrops, hellebores, crocus or scillas. I was not quite naive enough to expect Ottoman gardens. That legacy barely exists and most Turkish gardens consist of pots, stone and water, within secret courtyards. Balconies are everywhere, with a few pots on them, and I imagined there would be even more in summer.turkeyblossom_3214526c

When travelling with family or friends in foreign places, a shout for a flower stop is…

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