The Many Seeds to Sow, and How to Choose Them

The Nerdy Homesteader

So within the next two to three weeks my sister and I intend to transform this overgrown monstrosity…

Same picture... still just as unappealing :P Same picture… still just as unappealing 😛

…into a functioning, productive garden in our efforts to kickstart our little urban homestead. But once all the clutter is finally cleared, the most important question is: what are we going to plant? There are several important factors to consider when picking out your crops so I will outline a few important ones.


How much time you have to devote to your garden is a very obvious factor. If you are a busy person, planting a lot of crops that require maintenance like pruning (such as tomatoes) could result in a poor harvest. Also the more crops you plant in general will naturally demand more time and effort to maintain a clean and well producing garden. So when in doubt, start small! You can…

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