Description by Prototype Design Lab:

The site of this project is in a country-feeling area of South Mississauga with small roads and mature trees. The house was designed for a couple of entrepreneurs with fast-paced jobs, who wanted to return home to a retreat-like environment at the end of each day.

The House is broken into three slipping volumes of varying heights and lengths, staggered to respond to site and programmatic conditions. Each one is clad with a different material to hint at its interior function: cumaru wood planks; white quartz; and custom, diamond-shaped corten steel panels. The interior of the house continues the clear lines and filigreed details of the exterior. In addition, the house opens almost completely to the outside on the west elevation. The floor spills out into the landscape in the form of a large deck at the same level of the ground floor, and the landscape…

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The Aldo House | Prototype Design Lab


Merry Hearts Medicine

Here are three completed flower pot birdhouses--one red, one blue, and one green.

Happiness can be derived from the simplest of sources.  Many of the things that inspire peace and happiness in my life are found in nature.  For example, I enjoy watching birds in my yard, whether it be the chickens scratching around in their pen, or the cardinals, robins, and sparrows flitting through the bushes and garden rows.

Birds are great helpers in the garden, and it can be a joy to listen to their songs and watch their antics.  You can make your yard more attractive to birds simply by providing a dish of water and a few bird houses for shelter.

I recently saw a website showing how to make a bird house from PVC pipe.  I became inspired to give my bug-eating buddies new homes!  Eagerly, I drove to a home improvement store.

There I stood, about twenty minutes later, looking up at the ten-foot lengths of PVC pipe thinking “How am I…

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Make Your Own Birdhouse for Less Than Two Bucks!



Description by Metro Arquitetos:

The architectural project for this house consists of two main volumes; ground floor and superior floor.

The ground floor embraces most of the program of the house and is organized by a longilineal volume that incorporates all of the wet areas; two bathrooms, kitchen and laundry room. This main volume stretches along the whole extension of the house, parallel to the lateral border and demarcating the end and initial point of the site.

The main areas of the house, living room and bedrooms, open up towards the garden in a transverse direction to the wet areas. The elevated flooring, 45cm above the ground level, allows the front of the house to be used as a comfortable seating area facing the garden.

The whole structure of the house is made of reinforced concrete with a solid concrete slab and inverted beam. All enclosures are of concrete, glass…

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LP House | Metro Arquitetos


Raanu and the roses

Elisabeth Khan's Blog

Winter nights might get cold in Bhopal, but that doesn’t stop the roses from blooming. There were roses everywhere when we arrived in December, except in our own little front yard whose four rosebushes had just been deadheaded and were not ready to produce fresh blooms on demand. One of them flowered feebly soon after my husband left, and I sent him a picture of “his” rose. On the other three bushes, not a single bud appeared. They all looked like they could use some fertilizer.


I tried to be patient. I asked the colony’s gardener to bring me some potting soil and planted the lettuce and herb seeds I had brought from Michigan. There’s happiness to be found in growing plants from seed, but it does take time. Raanu observed this process with great interest. Once the seeds had sprouted, I asked Vijay to carry several of the pots…

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At Home in the World

in cahoots with muddy boots

Over the years, home has been in many places for me. Often times it is not just the where, but also the connection with people, nature and happenings. Home to me is the serenity when hiking in the woods or pulling weeds in my garden.

Gardening as meditation. Gardening as meditation.

Home to me is curling up on a comfortable couch with a good book and music playing softly in the background. Home to me is the kitchen, a friends or my own, where both body and soul find nourishment.

Summer harvest Summer harvest

And home is what I miss in moments while traveling.

Away from home. Away from home.

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